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Atomic Bamboozle - A Jan Haaken Production

As political pressure mounts in the US to meet net zero carbon goals, the nuclear power industry makes its case for a nuclear “renaissance.” This documentary by NECESSITY Director Jan Haaken follows activists as they expose the true costs of the new small nuclear reactor designs. 

Atomic Bamboozle is captivating and revelatory, thoroughly debunking any notion that nuclear energy should play a role in solving the climate crisis. The film also offers a fascinating look at the history and psychology of nuclear propaganda and how the industry and its backers have promoted its many false claims." Joshua Frank, author of Atomic Days: The Untold Story of the Most Toxic Place in America and managing editor of CounterPunch

“A powerful and provocative film.”–Willamette Week

“An uncompromising piece of activism that’s well-crafted and urgent.” Oregon Arts Watch

"Although its immediate intention is to prevent nuclear power plant construction in Oregon and Washington, its message is universal." CounterPunch

"Tells the story that the nuclear power lobbyists want to nullify so as to bring back costly, dangerous, unneeded nuclear power to Oregon. Those beyond Oregon should also watch this powerful film to learn the truth behind this industry and its false claims." –Ralph Nader, Center for Study of Responsive Law

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