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Discussion panel in Tallinn, Estonia

A dynamic discussion panel on September 21, 2023, following the "Atomic Bamboozle" screening at Tallinn's iconic Cinema Sõprus. Director Jan Haaken, SMR expert Madis Vasser, and technology critic Kaspar Kruup engaged in a thought-provoking conversation about the film's themes, shedding light on nuclear technology's complexities and societal impact.

Podcast: Old Mole Variety Hour on KBOO

Legal Strategies for Climate Justice

Indigenous-led resistance against Enbridge's Line 3 in Minnesota, one of North America's largest pipeline protests post-Standing Rock, drew thousands in solidarity from 2017-2021. Over 1000 activists faced harsh repression, leading attorneys Claire Glenn and Kira Kelley to discuss the ongoing legal battles, the role of movement lawyering, and the challenges of seeking justice within the court system. 

- Part 1 -

- Part 2 -


Nuclear Power Is Founded on Massive Global Injustices

Jan met with Patrick Shukulla and Regine Ratke with the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNR), along with Dr. Ulrich Clever in Berlin 🇩🇪 to discuss Atomic Bamboozle and partnering for a screening event in Berlin.

Ralph Nadar Radio Hour

The False Promise of Small Nuclear Reactors

Just tuned into In Case You Haven’t Heard! Prof. MV Ramana breaks down the false promise of small nuclear reactors and why they're not the solution to our climate crisis. Plus, Paul Deslauriers shares tips on grassroots organizing for systemic change.

Eco Socialists Vancouver

Breaking: 3 Activists Block Zenith Oil Tanker in Portland, OR

Portland residents take a stand against backdoor deals with Zenith! A small boat anchored in the Willamette River, blocking oil export, backed by activists chanting 'Stop Zenith.' The City's secret negotiations with the oil company sparked this action to protect public health, safety, and the environment.

Podcast: Old Mole Variety Hour on KBOO

Left and the Law: Held v. Montana
Landmark Victory: Montana's First Constitutional Climate Trial Rules in Favor of Young Plaintiffs Challenging State's Pro-Fossil Fuel Policies - A conversation with our director, Jan Haaken, on the dramatic implications of this historic ruling in our latest Left and the Law segment. 



Joshua Frank, Nuking Us All: The Hype of a Nuclear “Renaissance”

Lloyd Marbet explores anti-nuclear activism and its enduring legacy through Atomic Bamboozle, showcasing the perils of the nuclear 'renaissance' and small modular reactors by shedding a broader light on these issues.

Podcast: Old Mole Variety Hour on KBOO

Atomic Days: The Untold Story of the Most Toxic Place in America

Jan Haaken talks with Author Joshua Frank about his book and the role of  Hanford in current campaigns to revive nuclear power in the Pacific Northwest. 

Podcast: City Cast Portland

Warnings Against a Nuclear-Powered Future in the PNW

Host Claudia Meza talks to Jan Haaken about the Pacific Northwest's long and complicated history with nuclear power.


Atomic Bamboozle: An Industry of Lies

This is an activist film. Although its immediate intention is to prevent nuclear power plant construction in Oregon and Washington, its message is universal.

McKenzie River Reflections

'Atomic Bamboozle' documents 'False Promises' of new nuclear tech

A film premiering this week tackles the potential harms of the nuclear industry.

Corporate Crime Reporter

Jan Haaken on The False Promise of a Nuclear Renaissance

The documentary exposes the true costs of these reactor designs that have been aggressively promoted by the US Department of Energy and the nuclear industry.

Podcast: Old Mole Variety Hour on KBOO

There’s a new push to bring nuclear energy back to the Pacific Northwest. 

A new documentary by filmmaker Jan Haaken takes a skeptical look at the history of nuclear power and the new small modular nuclear reactors.

Willamette Week

“Atomic Bamboozle” Probes False Hopes for the Future of Nuclear Power

Portland documentarian returns with another powerful and provocative film.


"Atomic Bamboozle'"Documents 'False Promises' of New Nuclear Tech

A film premiering this week tackles the potential harms of the nuclear industry.

Kiowa County Press

"Atomic Bamboozle" documents 'false promises' of new nuclear tech

The film draws on historical lessons from the campaign to shut down the Trojan Nuclear Power Plant in Rainier, Oregon.

Oregon Artswatch

Prolific documentarian Jan Haaken debuts her new film

Haaken’s latest is an uncompromising piece of activism that’s well-crafted and urgent.

Nuclear News

“Atomic Bamboozle” Probes False Hopes for the Future of Nuclear Power

Portland documentarian Jan Haaken returns with another powerful and provocative film.

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